Saturday, September 27, 2008

So long Sucker (soccer)

Dear Rainbow Youth Soccer League,

This letter is to inform you of my resignation from your organization. I know that we have had a nine year relationship, but let's face it is over. Yes, I have threatend to leave you many times before, but this time is for real.

Never again will I be subjected to the season starting late and without uniforms. Nor will I have to deal with constant schedule changes. No more hassles with picture day happening or not happening. No more worries about where are soccer cleats, shin guards, or uniforms. No more Saturdays at the soccer field under blazing heat or piercing cold. Never again will I come home with heat exhaustion rendering me useless for the rest of the day. No more sun burns. Hauling a cooler full of ice, drinks, chips or fruit snacks, a thing of the past. Not to mention the stress of forgetting it is your turn for snack day and disappointing young children. That pressure gone too. No more 8:00 am games. That is just wrong. Saturdays are for sleeping in. No more coaching responsibilities. No snack schedules to deal with. No calling the whole team at 9:00 pm Friday night because Taste of Las Vegas is happening the next day and the game is cancelled. No more paying for silk screening the team shirts. No more planning end of season parties. No more trophies to buy.

The only thing I will miss about soccer is the great friends we made over the years. It is sad to not see the other parents every week. When you go through years together as a team, you tend to bond together.

So I bid a not so fond farewell to the soccer mom years of my life. Good bye, good riddance, and Adieu. I started out a young, enthusiastic mom cheering on her kid, and have ended up a bitter, cranky old woman. I think you may have stolen some of the best years of my life. I hope it was worth it. The jury is still out on that one, I think.

Sincerely, Pat Hammond


peacekeeper said...

you crack me up. it seems as though you are enjoying seeing the end of this chapter in your life ;) glad all those negatives are far behind...sad to see any positives have to go. keep smiling. we love you.

Allison Barnes said...

Yes it was worth it!!!!!

Yes, i am sure it was way harder being the coaches wife... I didn't have to worry about all the schedules and trophies and parties.... but, for me being one of the moms that looked forward to the games to say hi to you and the other moms and to see my boy play and have fun with the other kids was worth it! (how was that for a run on sentence!) Those boys built great friendships on the soccer field and your husband taught them so much! He was such a great coach, he was a good friend to the boys. I know they all enjoyed the years that they played together.

I often think of Barry and Abby Bergquist at those games and how Barry was sick for that last season and he still showed up to watch Brock.... yes it was worth if for Brock to have those memories of his dad being there for him... Brock probably would not have played if it wasn't for a great coach!

But as for Rainbow Soccer league... they need help! That's for sure.

Pat said...

Alison, of course you are right. It was worth it. I am just stuck in looking at the bad in everything right now. Thanks for reminding me of all the positives. It was great for the kids and that is why we kept doing it year after year. I read this post to Marion and he did not know what I was even talking about. He loved every minute of soccer and misses it and the kids a ton. I just have heard some things about the league and I am just so happy not to be involved anymore. But I am speaking to soon, because who knows maybe he will start coaching a team for Diana. I just am going to enjoy my saturdays while they last. :)