Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Card Character!

Here is one of the rejected candidates for our Christmas card picture. Nice face Jared! What was I saying about him being a good kid? We chose a picture with a different grouping and setting so you will be slightly surprised when you get my card, although our faces and clothes will be the same. As an olive branch to encourage participation, I told everyone I didn't care what they wore, they just had to show up for the photo shoot. A big Thank you to my friend/photographer Kristin. After last year, I am surprised that she agreed to come back again. So at least we can say it is over. We are all in the picture and with fairly pleasant looks on our faces. Sadly, I seem to be most disappointed by what I chose to wear. Oh well, maybe someday I will get everyone into a professional photographer. And maybe pigs will fly. But that is OK. You know as far as photo shoots go, this one was fairly painless. So yay for one thing done on my mile long list of tasks to complete before Christmas.

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peacekeeper said...

everyone is there...it is a success. looks great.