Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh, Boy, Another Christmas Concert

Last night was Jared's Orchestra concert. It went really well, although I was hoping it would be a bit shorter so I could get to young women's. What is it with these music teachers that go on and on. I think she talked longer than the kids played. You know blah, blah, blah, the kids all worked so hard, blah, blah, blah, thanks to everyone who made this possible. Of interest to some would be the fact that the kid sitting on Jared's left is also named Jared. He is in our ward. You will see him in the video. Is it merely a coincidence that two kids named Jared both picked to play the cello? I wonder. Jared makes quite a few of his famous, unique faces during the video. Before the concert, I tried several times to get a still shot of him. Shockingly, he refused to cooperate, so I have about 10 shots of his blurry head. Finally he gave me this delightful pose. Thanks, Jared for not making this face during the family photo shoot. In the video, Jared does a great time of showing his nervous face before he has to start playing. I found this funny so I left it in the movie. Hope you enjoy. All kidding aside, good job, Jared. You are really sounding good. He is even going to play with some other kids in our ward in sacrament meeting on Sunday. Keep up the good work.

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peacekeeper said...

yeah jared. i love that your boys are so musically inclined. i hope some of my kids will be. good job jared.