Friday, December 28, 2007

Little Update

I haven't had a chance to write very much this week. We had a very nice quiet Christmas. I have some pictures to post, but they are in Las Vegas on my computer and I am in Spanish Fork, so I can't post them right now. We drove up to Utah, yesterday. Happily it was a very quiet uneventful trip. It is kind of disconcerting to watch the temperature drop as shown on our car thermostat. When we left Vegas it was 47 degrees. At some point past Cedar City it was -12. Marion kept saying "Are you sure you want to go where it is going to be so much colder." The answer is "No", but sometimes we make sacrifices for family we love. Here is Spanish Fork it is about 20 during the day and it was 5 when we pulled into town last night. We will be here for several days so that Marion can help my brother with some electrical work in his basement.
Last Sunday, Diana threw up for about the second time in her life. I heard her running to bathroom and went to check on her. Bad news, good news--she didn't make it to the toilet, but the boys had left all their towels on the floor after showering, so clean up was a breeze. As I was helping Diana back to bed, she said me "Boy I sure am lucky I live right next to the bathroom," She didn't feel well for the rest of the day, but then she woke up on Monday and informed me that she felt better and wasn't sick any more. Knock on wood, none of the rest of us have gotten sick, yet anyways. I am sure now that we are on a trip, it will start. Isn't that the way it always works.
On another topic, I was noticing that I have 37 posts this month. Go me!! So this will be 38, maybe I can post twice more and make it to 40. That would be very exciting.

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