Monday, December 3, 2007

Woot Newbie

Ok I have made my first purchase on the website Woot. For any of you who are unaware of this magical place, check it out at My sister-in-law first showed it to me about a year ago. It is a website that sells electronic stuff for radically good deals. They only sell one item each day until it is sold out. I know several people who have bought a lot of stuff from there. My sister and sister-in-law both bought a rumba from this fun place. Another thing this site does is sell something they call a "bag of crap" for $1. This is a random bag of stuff that sometimes has really great stuff in it. I have a friend who actually got a rumba in one of this cool bags that she only had to pay $8 for. So now I can say that I have gotten a great deal and yay for getting one more Christmas present out of the way.

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peacekeeper said...

i guess we will have to wait until xmas to know what it is or did i miss that part.