Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Much Ado about Nothing

Today I received my first call from the Dean at Trent's school. Actually I missed the call on my cell phone, because I was coloring my hair. So when I listened to the message and it was from the Dean I was slightly concerned. The message informed me that the campus police had noticed a gun in Trent's car which turned out in fact to be a toy gun. They called Trent from class and he let the police search his car and back pack. This search only revealed a gorilla suit. This led to another conversation. Officially the school could have expelled Trent. The Dean told me that because his record is completely clean and because he is in orchestra, they let him off with a warning. The gun was a bright orange thing from the dollar store. When asked why it was in his car, Trent said that a friend had used it as part of a costume at Halloween and it just got left in the car. Trent thought it was a bit ridiculous because the gun didn't really look that realistic. The Dean said that they didn't want to risk starting some kind of panic if someone started spreading rumors that someone had a gun in their car. But in today's world you can't be to careful, I suppose. Hey I couldn't expect a kid to go all the way through school without getting in trouble just once, can I? So from now on Trent will be sure to not leave toy guns in his car. And he better not pull any pranks in his gorilla suit, since he would be prime suspect number one. He keeps the suit in his trunk because one never knows when one might need such a thing.


Lisa said...

Let me get this straight: he didn't do anything wrong, had nothing illegal in his car, so he got off with a warning. A warning for what, keeping a costume in the trunk of his car?!

And what if his record wasn't completely clean, what grounds would they have to expell him?

I so do not get the thinking here.

Pat said...

There is a zero tolerance for anything even relating to guns. You are not allowed to have, even toy guns at school. Pretty soon you will be in trouble for having a picture of a gun.
I agree it seems a bit ridiculous but that is the school system for you.

Pat said...

Also, you need to know that last year this school had a very real gun threat. The school was on lock down for almost 3 hours while the school was searched and kids were questioned. No one was allowed to leave until they were sure it was safe. I think the kids were about an hour and a half late getting out of school that day. Nothing is the same since Columbine. So in all serousness I guess I can't blame them, but still it seemed very obvious that it was a toy.

peacekeeper said...

i think they need to use their heads a little and take care of it without such a big hoopla when it is abviously not a real gun. anyways...i guess now a days they cant be to careful. better safe than is also a message they are trying to send im sure. good job on having a good track does pay off to be good.

Marjorie said...

I think I remember some kids up our way getting in trouble for pointing their fingers and saying, "bang, bang." I would say that was going too far! But it is true that with all the crazies out there they have to do the zero tolerance thing. Glad it turned out okay.

Lisa said...

Here's a blast from the past: When my brothers were in HS in the 70's, they drove their pickup truck to school, complete with a gun rack in the back window - with a rifle and shotgun resting in it.

30+ years later, a an orange plastic toy gun is potential grounds for expulsion.

Waaaah! I wanna go back to a simpler time.