Friday, December 21, 2007

On the Ninth Day of Christmas.....

life's blessing gave to me NINE DELICIOUS DELICACIES. Today I decided to pay tribute to my favorite holiday goodies. These are things that I love to eat during the Holidays. Each one brings a special memory and you always know that it is Christmas when one of these treats are being served. So here they are in no special order. I don't have time to post the recipes right now, but if anyone wants one, I would gladly share. Just let me know.
1. Divinity- This is a yummy sugar confection that tastes like fluffy heaven. I have even managed to become proficient at making the stuff. Usually if I do not go home, I try to ship some to Seattle. Not this year, sorry guys.
2. Peanut Brittle - I pretty much adore the peanut in any form. Toffee is also one of my favorites, hence peanut brittle is an awesome mix of two of my favorite things. This is another candy I enjoy making. Another great toffee thing is almond roca. I am lucky to have a sister who makes this every year and shares.
3. Artichoke Dip - Artichoke hearts, cheese, and garlic...need I say more. This is a mouthwatering recipe that I found in the Desseret News and it is scrumptious. One great thing about this is nobody else in my family likes it. This means I get to eat it all by myself. I love this stuff so much I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and never be tired of it.
4. Reese's Peanut butter cup Cookies- These are the most addictive, moreish kind of cookie, I think I have ever had. I got this recipe from a cookie exchange when I first moved to Vegas. As long as you like peanut butter, you will love this cookie baked in a mini muffin tin with a peanut butter cup pressed down in it once it is done cooking.
5. Brie cheese & French bread - My parents lived in France before I was born and learned to love bread and cheese. This was always part of our Christmas day smorgasbord. I love this and eat it all through the year, not just at Christmas. The luscious, soft cheese spread on the crusty bread, yummy!
6. Sugar Cookies - Of course no Christmas season would be complete without sugar cookies. Sometimes I run out of energy for this project, but I remember always doing it as a child. My recipe has lemon extract in it and I find that to be quite enjoyable.
7. Spinach Dip - I first tasted this recipe at a New Year's eve party in Riverside. Years later, I am so glad that I asked for this recipe. I would have to say that I make this more often than about anything. It is so good and great for baby showers. It is so simple, I will put this one on here: 1 box frozen spinach thawed and drained, 1 can water chestnuts chopped, 1 box Knorr leek soup mix, 1 cup sour cream, 1 cup mayonnaise. Mix all together and serve on sourdough bread cubes or crackers.
8. Honey Candy - This is something my Grandma Nelson would always make for us when I was growing up. The other day Diana was looking through my recipe box and pulled this one out. I do not remember ever making it. Just thinking of it, brought back fond memories of pulling the candy once it was cooked. My Grandma Tanner would always send these special shaped suckers to us in her package. I have good memories of those as well.
9. Cinnamon Rolls - This recipe is from my Aunt Shauna. They are known as her famous cinnamon rolls because they are so delightful. It is interesting because they have mashed potatoes in the dough. How exquisite to have tempting sweets to eat on Christmas morning.

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Marjorie said...

Yum! Yum! No wonder we gain so much weight during the holidays. Oh well, that is what New Year's resolutions are for!
PS We will miss your divinity. It is too divine!