Monday, December 10, 2007

Close Call Concerning Christmas Cards

After a whole week, I finally managed to get myself to Sam's club and order my Christmas cards. I was using the machine thingy to process my order. After I picked my picture and looked through the 260 choices of card type, I was ready to submit my order. On the machine was a sign informing customers to have a photo shop employee check your order before finishing it. I am a rule following person most of the time, and so I did ask an employee to see if I had completed my order correctly. She said "Oh, Dear, I don't think you meant to order 100 sets of 100 cards, did you?" Let's see 100 times 100 would be 10,000 if my math skills are still intact. No I guess I wouldn't like to order 10,000 Christmas cards, and especially I would not like to pay $2,500.oo for that order. So fortunately catastrophe averted. Now if I can just manage to get back to Sam's to pick up my order, compile my addresses on my new computer, figure out how to print my labels on my new printer, and purchase stamps, I will be ready to put everything together and get it in the mail.


Shawna said...

Oh come on Pat 10,000 Christmas cards would have brightened many many homes this year and all for the small price of $2,500...why I call that a

Marjorie said...

What a good chuckle you gave us today! I have ordering cards on my list today too. I will definately keep an eye on the quantity!!!