Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Orchestra Concert

Trent had his concert last night. He looked especially handsome in his Tux that I did manage to take to the cleaners. Yay me. He is in three different orchestras this year. The chamber orchestra is smaller, only about 15 kids. Next, is the advanced orchestra which has about 30 or 40 kids in it and is the highest level of orchestra. This year for the first time, his high school is having a symphony, which is strings, percussion, and wind instruments. Trent is in that as well. He really loves it.

I was excited because for the first time since he has been in High School, I managed to get some video of his concert with my new digital camera. It is not quite as good as a video camera would be, but it is better than nothing and you can get the idea. Also I am using my new skills as a movie producer. This is a very new exciting thing I have discovered on my computer called Windows Movie Maker. I hope this video is not too long. I tried to cut it down, but it was hard. I attended the concert for an hour and a half, so three and half minutes is very condensed. Also I don't have much video of the Symphony because I was out of memory and the last shot I took the focus was having a problem. I left it in the movie, because you can still hear the sound. I hope you enjoy it.


Shawna said...

Very cool Pat!

Marjorie said...

Wow! I can't believe Trent is doing so well. I wonder how we can talk him into playing for us. What a natural talent he has. Good job to all!

peacekeeper said...

do you have any pics of him smiling. i know he looks great when he smiles. great job trent.