Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jared Sings a Christmas Carol

This video was taken in November at our ward camp out. I was unknowingly visiting with a friend in her tent trailer . Because my kids are so old, I wasn't really supervising them. Perhaps I should have. Jared is sitting in the car playing on his PSP with the car light on. This could not have been good for the battery. Two of the girls in the ward are encouraging Jared to sing for them. They used my camera to record this beautiful rendition of "Sleigh ride". Jared was watching the movie ELF on his PSP on the way up and I guess that put this song in his head. In fact he is reading the words to the song off of his PSP while he sings. I wondered how he knew all the words. Now you can all experience a little taste of what we all were treated too, during the camp out. Jared sang this song pretty much non stop. Also I did receive his permission to publish this video. Thanks Jared for spreading the joy.

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peacekeeper said...

i love him impressing the ladies...go jared.