Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On the Sixth Day of Christmas...

life's blessings gave to me SIX ORNAMENTS WITH MEANING. For today, I have chosen some of my favorite Christmas ornaments that hang on my tree each year. First, I chose one of my oldest ornaments, one that we got when we got married. I like this one because of its cameo nature. On the back it says "Each moment spent together is a special celebration."
Second is this cute gingerbread ornament. This was made by a dear friend of mine from when we were in graduate school. Every year when I put this on the tree, I remember the great times and friends we had during that time in our life. There are days when I miss those simpler times.

Third is this precious ornament from Trent's kindergarten teacher. The picture on this ornament is one of my all time favorites of Trent. He is smiling and is just too cute. Is there anything cuter than a little kindergartner? I want to just eat him up! It is fun to remember how cute teenagers used to be and this can be a useful coping tool at times. :)

Fourth is an ornament with Jared's picture. This was made at the mommy and me preschool that we attended. Again I love this delightful picture of such a sweet brown eyed boy. Each week we spent 12 hours at this preschool and made lots of new friends.
Fifth is this adorable ornament with Diana's picture that she made in nursery. What can I say! There really are not words to express how much I adore this child. She is such a joy to me even though she tries my patience at times. What a blessing to have such a daughter!
Lastly, I chose this ornament I bought two years ago. It is a Mary Englebreit ornament. I love anything she does and bought it just because it had her name on it. I love her pictures and the cute sayings she puts together with them. Every year I always hope that one of her calendars will be under the tree for me. Each year, I love seeing these ornaments who feel like old, treasured, friends.


Emily said...

What a fun idea this 12 days of christmas is! I am loving the things you post. You are so creative! Keep up the good work :)

peacekeeper said...

i cant wait til my children leave the tree alone and i can get my ornaments out again. i miss them and the memories each hold. i love your choices. merry xmas.