Friday, December 7, 2007

I'm a Grandma, kind of

So here is a picture of Jared's baby. As you can tell it is not really alive, but it is part of a health class project. Baby "Jason" will be part of our family for the weekend. He came with a stroller and diaper bag. At random times during his stay, he will cry. Jared has a key thing that is attached to his arm, that he will use to stop the crying. As parents I'm am sure there are many times that we wish we could stop our babies from crying with just the turn of a key. This project is suppose to help kids realize how much work and even bother babies can be. It is not mandatory, but Jared wanted to do it for the extra credit, although I don't think he really needed the points. I had to sign a consent form that informed me that the baby could disrupt the sleep of my child and the rest of the family. I am not thrilled to know this, but hopefully it won't be that bad. Jared has to take it with him everywhere. That will include the ward Christmas Party, his soccer games, and I guess church. It could provide some interesting material to write about, so stay tuned for further adventures.

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