Sunday, December 23, 2007

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas...

life’s blessings gave to me ELEVEN GAMES A WINNING. WHOO HOO!!! GO COUGARS!!!!!!! Ok, when I first planned this whole 12 days of Christmas thing, I said to myself that of course number eleven would be the BYU football team. There seemed to be no question that my Cougars would win their bowl game and have eleven wins at the end of the season. Well, any of you who watched the game last night, know that I came so close to being foiled in my plans. BYU barely won the game when UCLA’s last second field goal was blocked. A friend called me to say that I must be living right, and I have to say that it is probably the whole BYU team that is living right. After the game I felt as if I could use some oxygen or a sedative. Not since the Utah game have my nerves been so stressed out. I did not attend the game in person. If I had really wanted to go, I could have driven down to the stadium and found some tickets at the gate. The cold is one big reason I chose not to go, but I was also very tired and enjoyed just watching at home in my PJ's.
However, I did attend the fireside on Friday night. And again it was one of the best things I have ever been too. The fireside was awesome, Brian Kiehl, Jeff Allen, Holly Mendenhall, and then the Coach spoke. The spirit was very strong and I loved being there. Then the best part was after the fireside. I had put all my pictures from October in a scrapbook. With my scrapbook and pen in hand, I managed to run around and get almost everyone whose picture I had taken, to sign my book. On the right is the picture of "Me and the Guys". On the left are those seven players signatures. I am sure that I have my "crazy, fanatical, fan" award all wrapped up. As I went up to each of the guys that stood with me in that picture, I asked if they might remember me. It was pretty humorous to me, that each one did remember me. I guess that there are not that many psycho stalker ladies going around asking for pictures with the guys. Then I had pictures of many of the players giving high fives at the end of the game. I got those autographed as well. On the right is Manase Tonga and Brian Kiehl. So even though I didn't get to go to the games, the fireside was just as good if not better than the game to me. Thanks Cougs, for the early Christmas present. I don't need anything else.

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Jennifer said...

I love the label "stalker", you crack me up! :)