Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sticky Surprise

Last night I was cleaning under the couch in my family room. I realized that this does not happen as often as it should. When I pushed the couch back I found a gooey, sticky surprise. Not a good sticky surprise like carmel popcorn or crispex mix, no this was a bad sticky surprise called a melted, hardened Popsicle. Since I highly doubt that the Popsicle walked out of my freezer and went under my couch to melt into a syrupy blob, my guess would be that someone put it there. My money is on Diana. She is always saving food to eat later. I don't know why? Perhaps she'll die. Who knew laminate flooring would turn out to be a lifesaving device. But tonight it did just that. Hurray for being able to mop up the sticky mess.


Shawna said...

Woohoo, let's hear it for laminate flooring!

Charlotte said...

Pat that is very inconceivable for having something land on the floor and nobody cleaning up after themselves. That never happens at my house (hahaha). Thanks for remembering me I love hearing from you. I do love my new home and I have been painting to give it some color other than white. Is white a color?

peacekeeper said...

suprises for mom are always so fun. good detective work!