Thursday, December 13, 2007

Diana's Decorated Den

This year Diana decided that she needed her own Christmas decorations in her room. I had this little tree that I let her have. Usually this tree gets little ornaments that are red, white, and blue and match my family room decor. Much to her delight, I bought her new ornaments that were pink and purple. She had spent quite a lot of time organizing her room. She had to shuffle a few things around to make room for her stuff on top of her dresser. Today she is making snowflakes that she plans to hang from her ceiling.
I still have not quite finished putting out the rest of my decorations. Every day I think I will get it done, and then other things creep in and keep me from doing it. Oh well, at least the tree is up and the living room is decorated.

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peacekeeper said...

ya for holiday spirit. we love you diana. the girls cant wait to see you.