Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Diana's Christmas Concert

Last Wednesday was Diana's Christmas Program at school. They did a play based on the Nutcracker Ballet music. She has been learning this music for several months and was very excited to finally be able to perform. The choir director sent home a note stating that all the singers needed to be in concert black. Diana did not have a black dress or even shirt and pants. Thank goodness as I was running through Target buying last minute presents, I found this adorable dress. It was even on clearance. You gotta love that. So here is her pose before she went to school. Somehow we were actually awake early enough that morning for me to fix Diana's hair. Here is a shot of it
from the back. I was very happy with the way it turned out. Hooray, for lots of hairspray. Here is a picture of Diana with her choir teacher Miss Friend. Aren't they both just a picture of cuteness. All the parents think Miss Friend looks like she might be 12 if you stretch her age. Actually she is closer to 30. Her personality matches her name and all the kids just love her. The kids performed the show once at 10:00 for the lower grades. Then again at 2:00 for the upper grades. And then finally at 6:00 that night for all the parents. I went to the 2:00 and 6:00 show. I took some video at both. Because I was not quite happy with how the earlier video turned out, I tried again at the night show. Diana decided that she wanted to take her hair down for the night show. At the first show, I accidentally hit some button that turned my video black and white, so I couldn't use that. Also I held the camera sideways and that can not be changed when you edit it. What a relief that I had two chances to get good footage. I have edited them both together so you will see her hair will change. Once again I have tried to make it as short as possible. Sadly it is still 5 minutes long. Perhaps no one but the grandmas will be glad to see so much of it. I loved some of the faces she made. All in all it was a huge success.

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Jennifer said...

Very fun, Diana, your hair is so cute and you did a great job singing, your choir sounds great!