Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lamentations of Laundry

Today I am going through the normal day after Christmas stuff. Trying to dig myself out from my house that is trying to eat me alive. I wasn't very good yesterday at taking trash out so there is quite a lot of garbage trying to take over my house. Think "Sylvia Stout" a la Shel Silverstien, you know that girl who wouldn't take the garbage out. So after getting some of that out of the way, I am working on the laundry. We are supposed to be driving to Utah tomorrow and so it might be nice to have clean clothes to pack in our suitcases. Normally I am very competent at doing laundry, but something seems to be amiss in my brain today. First I went to change the loads, and realized that I had not turned the dryer on, because I was talking on the phone. Apparently I cannot talk and turn on the dryer at the same time. Rats. So I turned the dryer on and went to do something else. Later I returned to find that the task was completed. So I put the clean clothes in a basket and put the wet clothes in the dryer. Then I reloaded the washer. It was at this point that I looked for my nice dry, clean clothes so that I could fold them. They were nowhere to be found. I accused Jared of trying to bug me by moving them. He claimed his innocence. After a few minutes of thinking that I was going crazy, I realized that I had put the clean clothes back into the washer. Aye Ca rumba! So maybe we will not be taking any clean clothes with us after all. Or maybe the second time will be the charm. Wish me luck. Why didn't Santa bring me a new brain for Christmas?

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