Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another Surgery

Jared is back from his fourth surgery in six days. The Doctor said that he did well and his stats were very stable. They drained the fluid from his right leg, but it did not look like puss like the last time. This could be because of the antibiotics that he has been on. They did send the stuff to the lab to be cultured. Maybe it will still come back as the culprit that is causing his fever. He now has a third drain in his leg, this one is more on the side.
The respiratory person said that he did very well on his tests this morning. He did twice as well as he needed to, in order to have the tube taken out. But I am not holding my breath because they have got to be sure about his fever and that he will not be going to any more surgeries, before they are going to take it out. After he came back, they put the vent settings up so that the vent was helping him more, but he did not like that. So after an hour they put him back to the CPAP setting, which means that he is breathing when he wants to.
I actually spent the day at home resting and getting some things caught up. Also I think it was good to spend some time with Diana. She told me last night that she really misses me and wishes that Dad could be at the hospital while I stayed home with her. It is a hard thing to balance both of their needs. Even though people can offer to help, and have, I feel somewhat like I am the only one who can help both of them. Perhaps I will learn the errors of my ways. Anyway I wanted to spend some time with Diana before she goes to Seattle for two weeks. And I think it was good to have a break from being here, although I do not really mind it at all. Today Jared seems more sedated than the last two days, so that makes me feel not as bad to not be here. I guess I just need to give myself permission not to be super human.

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Kris said...

I really feel for you trying to balance their needs, let alone your own like sleep and food. Some days it drives me crazy here, and they just all want me to be their servant "NOW". You have to know that you can't meet all their needs, but that it is OK! We are getting very excited to have Dianna come.