Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Morning

This is very exciting, because there is a laptop computer here at the hospital that they are letting me use. So now I can blog to my hearts content. Warning I will now be able to share all the boring details of how this happened.

But first the latest news today. I woke up this morning at 6 am. This is strange as I did not get to bed until midnight. I decided to call and talk to the night nurse before she left at 7. When I called her she told me that they had just given him a bath and he asked for me. She told him that I was at home, and he told her to call me. So I guess that mother's intuition can work ten miles away. I got up and got dressed and left right away.

By the time I got here, he did not seem as awake. But he is having restless moments and I can talk to him and calm him down. At one point this morning he asked where his phone was. I let him hold it hoping it would comfort him, but it just made him upset that he could not see it because his arms are restrained. I told him that I needed to charge it, which was true, but I will not give it back to him any time soon. That is a teenager for you, in a semi coma wanting to text.

The nurse told me that he got quite agitated last night. So they are giving him a bit more pain medicine. They increased his oxygen from 30% to 40% because that stat was a bit low today. His chest xray shows that he has a lot of junk in his lungs. So they are doing something I can't remember the name of, but basically every 4 hours they go over his chest with a small vibrator. Then they suction him. He hates to be suctioned, but it has to be done. Also they are putting pillows under one side of his body and then the other. This movement should help both his skin and his lungs.

Later today they are going to do an ultra sound on his legs to check for blood clots. I don't think they are expecting to find any, but it is SOP. And his infection drain is still draining quite a bit as well. He does still have a temperature, but so far they can not find any other infection than the staff thing in his leg. But they are going to add another antibiotic to help combat that infection.

This is another really cool tender mercy. The nurse who helps with children and talked with Diana to help her cope with all of this, is the sister of one of my good friends in the ward. It was funny how we figured it out. She asked me if I was LDS. I told her yes and asked why she would think that. She said that she recognized my husband and figured that it had to be from church. She does not live anywhere close to my stake. Then she said well my sister lives in the southwest. I said what is her name, and was shocked when she said Eliza Dobbins. Well of course you would know us, we are very good friends with them. Eliza's husband is Jared's scout master. The Dobbins are out of town, and so I told her to let them know if she talks with them. It seems inconceivable that Jared went with Russ to scout camp just three weeks ago. Cathy the nurse came and gave Jared a message from Bro. Dobbins after she talked to him. Cathy is in charge of assigning out the nintendo games, so maybe when Jared wakes up he will get special privileges because he has an in with that nurse. And Cathy is the one who hooked me up with this computer. She said that usually they don't let it be out overnight, but because she knows me I can keep it as long as she doesn't need it for something else.
So yay for me to have something to do and be able to get all this stuff recorded.


peacekeeper said...

it is always nice to know the right people. glad to hear that he is making baby step progress in the right direction. thanks for keeping us posted. love you all.

Lisa said...

Wow that is cool that you woke up when he was asking for you. You still got it, girl! :)

Jennifer said...

Yeah for a computer, I bet it is great to have something to give you a little distraction. What a small world and great blessing that Eliza's sister is helping you guys. Praying for you all, love Jen