Monday, July 21, 2008

The Troops have mobilized

Just for any of you out of town, so you don't give in to the urge to get on a plane and save my life, my friends here are going to help me. I think by the time I get home tonight, most of my list of problems will be solved. As I type a crew of cleaning women and girls are descending upon my house. I hope they give Trent a good scare if he is still sleeping. Someone has been called about my pool. My sweet visiting teacher called to bring me lunch, but I had got some salad from Smith's this morning, so she brought us Frosties instead. Someone is bringing us dinner. Things are looking up.

Thanks everyone for your help. Sorry I waited so long to ask for help.


Jennifer said...

Yeah!!! And thanks for doing what the out of towners can't!!!

Emily said...

I am glad reinforcements have been brought in! Life will be good when you get home!

Allison Barnes said...

thanks for asking for help! It's always a good day when you can help out a friend! I was so proud of my kids, I asked them if they wanted to come with me and they said yes. i about died of shock...

Do you have a bug man? Mine is real cheap if you need one. He's 20-25 a month and he does a good job.

Hope you can come home soon!! Let me know if you need more done!

Know that ton's of people love you!!