Monday, July 28, 2008

I told you so...

Usually I love being right. In fact I take great pride in it, too much I am sure. I often think I am right. This is not one of those times when I am glad.

We never did get another room mate last night. After I finally calmed down, I think it was my best night yet here. I really didn't hear much at all, all night long.

At 7 am this morning, the nurse that does the vitals, came around. I awoke to hearing her tell Jared that his temperature was 102.7! In my blurry mental state, I had her repeat what she said and then take his temperature again. AAAAHHHH! I was right, he is getting sicker. This is not good, and something to be concerned about.

I told this nurse, I needed to speak to the doctor, STAT. She said she would tell the nurse. At this point I got out of bed and took matters into my own hands. I saw the condescending resident who had tried to tell me I was crazy to be so concerned last night. I said "102.7, see I told you so" Mothers know when their kids are getting sicker. In actuality I would have preferred to be wrong. In fact I had convinced myself that he was probably right, and hey maybe we would even get cleared to go home.

So they took some blood from his pic line and from his other arm. He was extremely upset to be poked again, because we have foolishly promised him that after the pic line, no more needles. That way they can see if there is any difference in the two blood samples. It is possible that his pic line is infected. I of course am imagining the worse, that it is another pocket of infection that will require another surgery.

Also they are going to do another MRI. He is not real thrilled with that either, as the first one was not the best experience. At least this time we will have one of the child life specialists that he knows go with him. She will be allowed to stay the whole time. They won't let me in for some reason. Discrimination against psychotic mothers I am sure.

My mom will come today and I will go home and take a shower and change my clothes. I was joking that this is just like girls camp. No sleep or showers. I think I do need to get out of here, because my blood pressure is rising. I have snapped again. But I think it is a good thing. Before today, I think the doctors on this side have treated us like they didn't think we needed to be here. If it was up to them, they would have sent us home. So now I am pretty much saying, this is wrong the way things have been and it has got to change. If we have another surgery, maybe we will get to go back to the picu, which is what both of us want.

The fever could also be viral. I just need to read yesterdays post and remember how blessed I really am. In the end, the Lord is in charge. So I will just keep hanging on for dear life.

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SEBishop said...

Since I can't be there to help you, I have determined to help someone near me EVERYDAY to feel like I am offering some assistance during this horrible ordeal.

I am taking some medicine to my newly pregnant neighbor to help her poop