Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am Blessed!

All joking aside, we have been incredibly blessed through out this whole process. So on this day of Sabbath, I thought I would try to remember the many different ways the Lord has blessed me. An attitude of gratitude, if you will.

Priesthood blessings: These blessings have enabled the Lord to bless our lives, and the actions of the doctors. The blessing Jared received twenty one days ago, truly had such a spirit of peace in the room. As we got here and things went from bad to worse, I was able to draw strength from that blessing and feeling of peace. Jared really did come so close to dying those first two days, but the spirit protected me from the fear and anxiety of that terrifying possibility. Then when things took a turn for the worse last Tuesday, Jared and I both received blessings that buoyed us up for the week to come. After that horrible low on Tuesday, I have been remarkably calm and able to face the things that have happened. I have basically lived here for the past week, and I do not feel like I am about to fall apart. How is this possible? A small miracle in my behalf.

Family: The love, concern, and support from my family has been a lifesaver. Even though they don't live in town, I have felt their willingness to do what ever I needed. Just knowing that there are that many people loving you and praying for you, is huge. And they also had a family fast which I know helped so much. The fact that they are taking such good care of Diana is so helpful. They even considered cancelling the reunion, if that would be best. I am glad that they didn't have to do that, but it was sweet to know that they would do that for me. And then when I was at my breaking point, they all let my mom leave them and come to Vegas to help me. I know that things are not the same there without their mom and grandma. Of course having my mom come, has been the biggest morale booster I could get.

Friends: Like I said in an earlier post, I am a friend freak. I am an extrovert and people help me recharge and cope with life's trials. My friends are awesome. The fact that they would read my blog and go to my house and do what needed to be done. Well there are not words for the way that makes me feel loved. Again everyone has been wonderful. And I have felt overwhelmed by every one's well wishes and prayers. How is this not going to have a good ending with so many people praying for our best? I know that these prayers have made a difference, especially in how well I am holding up. Rich is the person with so many friends.

Music: One particular morning when I was feeling exhausted and like I might not make it through the day, I turned the radio on, for the drive to the hospital. The radio was playing that Alanis Morrisette (sp) song about "The Arms of the Angels". This song reminded me how true this really is. I am sure that we have no idea how many angels are carrying us along each day. I have felt the presence of a loving Heavenly Father many times the past three weeks. The other happy thing, is my precious MP3 player. The ability to listen to music that helps me feel calm and peaceful has been invaluable. I think that Brigham Young once said "There will be no music in Hell." Well that would pretty much be my definition of Hell. It is one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Miracles: I am sure that I have no idea how many tiny miracles the Lord has blessed me with in these past twenty one days. It would not surprise me find out in the next life, that there were numerous times the Lord intervened on my behalf, whether it was helping me get a parking spot, or having the right doctor or nurse at the right time. I know that he has carried me through these past three weeks. For that I will be eternally grateful.

So these are just a few of the reasons that I know I have reason to be grateful. Recording them will help me to remember and not forget to be grateful. I know my Heavenly Father lives and loves me. I know the Saviour will help me carry my burdens, even though sometimes it is on his time table not mine. Another blessing, I suppose would be the opportunity to bend my will to my Father's.

Sometimes, remember is the most important word in the dictionary.


Emily said...

I love the way you ended your post. Remember. Thanks for the good reminder. Hope you all are still hanging in there!
We're still praying! :)

peacekeeper said...

Pat you truly are amazing. The Lord has definitely prepared you for this otherwise I don't think you would have the attitude you have now. One reason I love working in the medical field is seeing the complexity and fragileness of the human body intertwined and it reminds me of the hand of the Lord in everything we do. I also like to remember that our Saviour has felt the weight of the yoke that each of us bears and he overcame it for us and now each of us will do the same no matter how heavy the burden may be. Thanks for being a great example and such a good big sister. Tell Jared sorry for calling him a wuss....he is the toughest, strongest young man I know and that the easy part is over, now he needs to go to work and start climbing that hill that is in front of him.
Our prayers are with you continually,
Andrew and Jess