Saturday, July 26, 2008

Motherless in Seattle

Diana's trip to Seattle without me seems to be going well. At least my family is kind enough to make everything sound fine when I talk to them on the phone. And they have staged these very convincing pictures showing how much fun she is having. Here is one with cousin Laura, Grandpa, Grandma, and Diana in her BYU shirt. Go Cougars! (Hey watch it Grandma, you are almost covering up the "U".)
Here is one of them down at Salt Water park. My parents live about ten minutes from this fun park and beach. Not a beach like California, because Seattle has cold, freezing water, and rocky beaches. It is fun to look for crabs though.
I think a fitting caption for this picture would be "A barrel of monkeys" All the little kids having fun in Aunt Kris's hot tub. The only way to swim, when the high for the day is 69.

Diana celebrated her ninth birthday in Seattle with everyone. Here she is with her way too cute cake.

Wow, a purple Hannah Montana Shirt. How did you know purple is my favorite color? Thanks Grandma.

Diana with Laura, both in purple by the way.

Hey look, everyone went bowling for my birthday. How fun is that. Ali's piggy tails are uber cute. (I have been watching Project Runway too much)

My sister Jen made this cake for Diana. All I can say is she was better off without her mother, because she came out ahead on this deal. Thanks Jen for helping to make her birthday so special. And you have some serious cake skills, girl.

Really she is not motherless, as she has my three sisters, and two SILs to help her function in life. A huge THANK YOU to all of you! I know that even though she is old enough to be fairly self sufficient, she still needs some help.

So from all I can tell it is going very well. It is a huge relief to know she is having fun, and to not be in charge of that fun, but I am missing her. We have never been apart this long before. She is scheduled to come home next Wednesday.


Karianne said...

I believe she is having lots of fun but I'm positive she misses you too. But all her aunts and uncles too are doing a way good job taking care of her and how could you not have fun with so many little girls to play with?

Kris said...

She is doing great. She is so self sufficent most of the time, we have to remember that she does need a little TLC now and again. Really she is a joy to have here.