Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday Morning

Jared is doing well this morning. In fact so well that he decided to get that tube out of his throat by himself. The doctors were doing rounds and were actually outside of his room. Someone noticed that Jared had his arm up, and then they noticed that his tube was out. He does have restraints, but they had made them looser so that he could move his arms more for circulation. The doctor and nurse both laughed about it and that he would be that persistent. He has been complaining about the tube for the past two days. Jared did say that his throat hurt afterwards, so I hope he didn't hurt himself too badly. The doctors wanted the tube to stay in until he had the test tonight, but it will only matter if that test finds infection some where else. I don't think they really expect to, but they need to rule it out. If they do find infection somewhere else then they will need to drain that and he would need to have the tube put back in.
Yesterday they drew some blood and took it to the nuclear lab. They spun the blood around and separated out the white blood cells. Then they put the radio active dye into the white blood cells. Last night at 9 they put the tagged blood back into Jared. Then they have to wait for 24 hours for the white blood cells to go to the infected area. So tonight at 9 they will look to see where he lights.
The other good news is that the heart test they did yesterday look good. So that is a huge relief that his heart is OK. I think that I was so tired yesterday that I let my self get discouraged and imagine the worst. Sorry if I worried anyone else.
So this is very happy news. I took a new picture of him with out the tube, but I will not be able to post it until I go home tonight.
Thanks again for every one's love and support.

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Michael Clifford said...

So glad that Jared seems to be improving and that his heart test looks good.That is a huge relief.We are all checking your blog every few hours and are praying for Jared that he makes a complete recovery.You are doing a wonderful job battling with the stress and anxiety of all of this and trying to keep life at home on an even keel.Tell Jared we said hi especially Shane.We are all thinking of him a lot and send him our love......Claire Clifford