Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Update

Jared is continuing to make progress. Today he actually stood up for a few minutes. Then he sat up in a wheel chair and we took him outside for about 5 minutes. His nurse is great and a big believer that fresh air is good for a patient. Then we went into the playroom for a little while. I think it was good for him to get out of his tiny room. It is so claustrophobic to me. Jared was not as big of a fan of it because he is still so weak. All in all he sat in the wheel chair for about 2 and half hours.
It is amazing how fast you loose all your muscle control when you lie in a bed for a week. So he still needs a lot of help. Today was a hard emotional day. It is hard to have so little control over your life. He is way bummed that he has to miss everything in Seattle, and I don't blame him. It is a bummer. It pretty much stinks to spend weeks of your summer vacation sick in bed with people torturing you with needles and waking you up every time you go to sleep.
We are doing all we can to make this as easy as possible, but it has just been a hard day. So we will just keep going and getting stronger every day. They are saying that we may go home early next week. So we will keep hoping and working towards that goal.

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peacekeeper said...

that is amazing progress. keep with it are doing great! hang in there pat...we love you and miss you.