Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Night

We now have eighteen days of hospital living under our belt. The news today on Jared is that the infection is in the bone but the orthopedic surgeon said that he does not think it needs to be operated on yet. He will not let us go home until the wound has stopped draining. So he said to plan on being here for another week. Then we can be pleasantly surprised if we get to go home earlier than that.

The ID Doctor which stands for infectious desease doctor, said that Jared is already getting the right antibiotics. He also said that he recommends the same time frame that we were already planning on for the IV. That will be three weeks of IV antibotics and then three more weeks of oral antibiotics. So the longer we are here, the shorter the time will be that we have to do the IV at home.

I am not overly impressed with the pediatrics ward. The best thing is definitely the chair that folds out into a bed. Not only is it pretty good for sleeping, but it is fairly comfortable to sit in during the day. Between the two of us, we have accumulated about ten pillows. I lined this bed with all of them and made it more comfortable. I think it helped that I was pretty much exhausted. Since Tuesday morning at eight thirty, I have only been home for a seven hour break. I feel remarkable rested despite this fact.

One of the problems with the pediatric ward is that the nurses are not as available. In the PICU the nurse had 3 patients, now the nurse has 6. Also today we had a nurse who was on her second day. Although she was sweet and cute as a button, I think I knew more about what should be happening that she did. It did not give me that feeling of security that all would be well if I left my child.

Also no one over here understands or knows Jared's history. He does have a report, but it is literally three inches thick, so it is not a short read. So I keep repeating the whole thing, over and over, and over. We had a nurse last night, a different nurse today, and yet another one tonight. It just makes me nervous and because of that I keep staying here and not leaving. My mom was here with us this afternoon and so she now has a feel for how things should be. So maybe tomorrow I can feel confident enough to go home for a little bit.

All in all we can't complain.


Emily said...

18 days in the hospital at such a young age. That is something he can use in those getting to know you games when he goes to college :)
Hopefully now that you know where the infection is, you can get it cleared up, with NO MORE SURPRISES, and be able to go home!
Still praying for you guys, even Tuck and Tru pray at most every meal for you guys! Love you!

Pat said...

Emily that is a great point. We keep telling him how much chicks love scars. I think he could do without them though.

Leticia said...

Pat...That is crazy! I can't believe how long you guys have been there!!! What an ordeal...I am glad Jared is getting better and that they have pinpointed where the infection is! We are doing better after the collision...We hope you will all recover from this quickly! Thank goodness for moms though!!!