Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday Update

Jared is continuing to make great progress, although he still has a long way to go. The test with the dye last night did not show any more infection in his body. That was great news. Today they are taking as many of the tubes out of him that they can. I am shocked at how much better he looks than even two days ago. The nurse took the tube out of his nose, so it is up to him to eat on his own. That is his big goal for today to eat, drink, and breath. The respiratory people brought him a thing to blow into for breath exercises. There is a little ball in a tube so he can see how much he is breathing. He is suppose to do it ten times an hour when he is awake. He was not impressed with the lunch, but he did eat half of a yogurt. I also brought him some applesauce if that sounds good.
My work is beginning as there is still much he can not do for him self. I will not be bored as I take up my nursing duties, but it will be a good busy.
I wanted very much to take a picture of Jared, but he will not let me so you may not get to see how good he is doing.

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Jennifer said...

Well, it is much better for him to be up and enforcing his opinion than laying there not caring(or knowing) what happens, than for us to see how good he looks! Although I would love to tell him that taking a picture doesn't hurt! And it can help those of us who can't come see him, start to not worry about him so much!
Hooray for feeling a little better than he was though! We hope you are feeling much better and very soon Jared!
Love ya,
Uncle Andrew & Aunt Jennifer