Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Flying Solo

Here are some pictures of Diana going on her first plane trip by herself. Here she is when we were waiting in line to get my pass to go through security. Notice her In'N'Out cup, we stopped for dinner after we saw Jared for a minute at the hospital.

Still waiting. This was the longest line we waited in, though it was probably only 15 minutes. I hate that Alaska has to start with "A". Darn for alphabeticalness of the ticketing counters, meaning we had to walk about a mile to stand in this line. Here is the full shot with her suitcase.

Here she is at the gate, with the special sticker that identifies her as an unaccompanied minor. We made our way through security and out to the gate. We talked to the airline worker about if she could sit by herself. She was very nervous about who might sit next to her. It ended up that they moved her to the last row of the plane and she got her wish and was all alone. After we changed her seat, they said to go over to the door. Before I knew it they were ready to take her on the plane. It was over so fast. And for the second time in two weeks I watched one of my children taken where I could not follow. While this was not as scary as watching a child wheeled into surgery, I was shaken a bit nonetheless.

There was a very nice man who walked her onto the plane. He even offered to take my camera on and take a picture of her. So here she is all ready for her adventure.

She called to tell me that everything went well and she was safe with Grandma and Grandpa. That was a big relief. So she is off having lot of fun in Seattle.

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