Monday, July 28, 2008

The Mother of all Freak Outs

At noon Jared's temperature was back down to 98.3. I don't know what this means. The doctor said that it is probably just the Tylenol that has brought it back down. In the mean time, at least it has gotten the doctors attention, which I think is very useful.

So this morning I have been singing Old McDonald. You know Old McDonald had a farm, and on his farm he had a freaking out mom, with a freak out here, and a freak out there, here a freak, there a freak, everywhere a freak, freak. Well that has pretty much gotten people's attention. And I have had the chance to vent to many people.

The doctor in charge came into the room on rounds for the first time since we have been on the regular peds side. She was accompanied with about 15 residents. I did a great rendition of my freak out for all of them and expressed my concerns. We talked about the MRI later that day, and I requested the Jared have some Valium before it, because he wasn't that happy about how it went the last time. Jared piped up and said he didn't need any medication to help calm down, but would they please give it to his mom. No kidding, he actually asked that I be medicated, and I can hardly blame him.

Then I talked to the unit manager. She moved us from the side of the room by the door, to the other side by the window. Now we will not have to have all our room mates traipsing past our side every time they change. We have probably had about 20 strange people in the room in the past three days. Who knows what germs they have exposed Jared to. The unit manager also said that I could give her a list of the nurses that we want to have and she will see if she can make it happen. Maybe that can stop the steady stream of new people.

Then the chief resident came and talked with me. I think that she would be equivalent to the ER character of Carrie. Anyway she came to talk about the resident the night before and the fact that it seemed that we had no doctor for two days last week. The resident last night told me that story, which I am sure he was not suppose to tell me. It has just added to my list of complaints. Another thing is that because of his weight loss, the nutritionist recommended that Jared get pedia sure last Thursday. We did not get our first can of it until today on Monday. That seems ridiculous. We were told that they were out, but you can not tell me that somewhere in that whole hospital they could not find a can of pedia sure.

Anyway now everyone looks at me funny, but they do seem to be getting things done. So it is OK.. I don't care how neurotic everyone there thinks I am, as long as Jared is taken care of.

So at this point we won't know anything new until tomorrow. The blood test should be back at 9 in the morning. And Jared should get his MRI tonight, but I doubt anyone will tell us anything until the morning. Dang more waiting. I an not a fan of waiting.

In the mean time Marion and my mom have sent me home from the hospital. Yes, I have been exiled. Marion says that I am upsetting Jared. He is probably right. So I will try to get a shower and a nap. What a novel ideal.

What I want to know is if I am crowned the Freak out Queen, do I get a special crown and scepter?

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Jen said...

I'm with ya. I did the freak-out thing, too, when my 9-day-old was not getting proper treatment for a very high fever. I swear, don't mess with the mommas!! hey, that sounds like a great t-shirt! we should have them printed.