Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday Night

Jared had a good day today. Here is a short video of the CVT (?), I think that is what it is called. Every four hours they vibrate his chest, then they suction him and get stuff out of his chest. So that seems to be going well. He has a cloth on his forehead to try and help with the fever. This is something I can be in charge of which is nice to be able to DO SOMETHING. I keep telling the nurses, let me do anything, can I open that package, or drawer or anything to make me feel useful.

I actually took two different naps. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Boy does my neck hurt. Maybe a trip to the chiropractor can happen some time. Here is a picture of where I can take my naps. This chair is about as comfortable as an airplane seat. Fortunately, I have skills when it comes to sleeping anywhere, so that is good

Marion and Diana came down to the hospital about 8:00 tonight. Diana hung out for a while. After we gave Jared a sponge bath, she and I got to put lotion on his legs and feet. Finally Diana and I went home and Marion stayed for a while. Marion brought some of his grading down, but honestly he was having so much fun watching them change all his lines and talking with the nurses I don't think he got much work done.

Diana and I went to Applebees for dinner because I really had not eaten all day. I left in such a hurry that I did not eat breakfast. And then I was just preoccupied and never went out to eat. It is nice because they bring around sack lunches that the Ronald McDonald house has volunteers make. It is not a bad lunch, but it is a Bologna sandwich. Yesterday I thought to make myself a turkey sandwich, but again I did not have time today.

After Applebees, we went over to Wal Mart and did some shopping for Diana's trip to Seattle on Tuesday. She needed a few things like socks and underwear. Also she picked out her birthday present, a nintendo DS.

As of tonight, Jared is not scheduled to get the tube out of his chest tomorrow. It will probably be Sunday. Tonight when they changed all the lines, they also removed the tape that is holding the tube. They decided to shave his mustache so that it won't hurt as much when they remove the tape. They asked Jared if they could shave it, and he shook his head No, but they did it anyway, so that it won't feel like a wax when they pull the tape off. It will grow back soon enough.

I think Marion will be able to spend some time there tomorrow and then I can get some laundry and house work done. Also the paper work is starting to come in. So that is always fun to fill out lots of forms. But maybe if I keep on top of it each day, it won't be too bad.

I should be crazy tired right now, but when I laid down I couldn't quite go to sleep. Maybe all this stress is starting to catch up with me. I will go back and try to sleep again.

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