Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday Update

In the past 72 hours, I have only been home for 24 of them. The rest have been spent at the hospital. I am very happy and relieved to report that Jared is doing better each day. Today he had a echo gram where they did an ultrasound of his heart. The cardiologist was encouraged with the improvement since Monday. I am not sure if I ever comprehended just how serious they thought his heart condition was. But the medicine they are giving him for his heart is working and they are slowly weaning him off of the blood pressure medicine. So even though he is still not awake, he is improving each day. He was able to squeeze my hand today for the first time. That was happy. He was doing well enough, that I decided to come home and rest tonight. I have to admit I am physically and mentally exhausted, but under the circumstances I seem to be doing remarkably well. It must be the comforter carrying me along. So a big thank you to all the prayers in our behalf. I know that they are helping.

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SEBishop said...

I hope you can get some rest.