Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Night

So the doctor's latest practical joke is to tell me that we may actually go home in a day or two. I am trying not to pack my bags just yet. We have accumulated an enormous amount of stuff over the past 24 days. When our room mate left tonight, she joked that I would need a U-Haul to bring it all home. If we have some idea, I can start taking things home. But I did that last time we were going home, and then when we stayed, I had to bring it all back. After further pondering, I would like to choose boils to be the plague to strike the doctors. And just the doctors, not the patients, just like the Egyptians and the Israelites.

Jared had visitors come today. Two of his best friends came. It was so good for him. He had stopped on one of his walks in the play room, to play the Wii. Then the friends came and they joined in. It was great for him. Then when he was too tired to sit up anymore, they moved back to his room and played XBOX. It was the best thing to see in inkling of how his life will return to normal. I am posting this picture upon his protest. They stayed until dinner time.

Jared drank his pedia sure for dinner, and then promptly fell asleep. He is worn out from all that fun and no sleep last night.

So here's hopin' we are not long for this place.

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Jen said...

where's the picture?! I was excited to see it. Here's hoping for you to GET OUT of there!!!