Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Update

Jared is continuing on the long road to recovery. Trent needed me to help him with unloading some stuff today, because his friend that helped the past two days could not come today. So we decided to drop my mom off at the hospital, and Trent and I went to work. I have to say that is very strange to try to live life outside of the hospital. Will I ever feel normal again? Really my mom has done the lion share of the sitting by the bedside for the past two days, but I suppose she would have to stay longer than a week to catch up to me the reigning Queen of Neurotic Parents with Separation Anxiety.

Last night after some counseling/coaching/urging of friends and my mom, I did go home for the night. We didn't get home until almost ten. It is very hard to just fall into bed. You like to have some down time. I watched the end of Phych, which is one of my favorite shows. It wasn't quite the same with out the beginning, but something was better than nothing. Then I finally went to bed at 11. I have to admit to just lying there staring at the ceiling. For quit some time. And even more disappointing is that my bed did not even feel that much more comfortable than the cot at the hospital. Maybe that is a sign that our twenty year old mattress needs to be replaced. Then I had a nightmare last night and woke up and really though that I was at the hospital, and it took me a minute to realize I was actually at home. So yeah I am not really thinking that it was that much better. So tonight, I am back at the hospital. This time I have my pajamas, which is the happiest thing ever.

The orthopedic surgeon came in today and talked to my mom since I wasn't here. He said the wound in looking pretty good. But even though the blood markers show the inflammation coming down, it is not coming down as fast as he would like it too. I am not really sure what he wants to do about that. I think that it is just more waiting and watching.

The two questions I am getting most tired of hearing are: How did this happen? and When are you coming home? Apparently they do not teach Divination in medical school, although I would like to recommend that they do. I don't care if you left your crystal ball at home, I need answers. I think that we will never really know how this happened. Just one of life's little mysteries.

One of my jobs is to help keep track of Jared's fluid intake and output. He has a measured water glass so keep track of what is going in and he has a measured urinal, to keep track of what is going out. To be honest it is kind of hard to track how much he takes in because he drinks so much, so often. But since I am usually the one who empties his urinal, because he has to use it again before the nurses get around to it, I am keeping track of that. We have a little chart, one side says output and the other input. Honestly, since Jared is having no problem with this, I do not take it that seriously. I have decided that it will be fun to just record his output which is a couple thousand cc's every shift. Then maybe I put down that he drank 300 cc of fluids. This is my own private hospital practical jokery. HeHeHe! If they were paying that much attention, they might wonder where he is getting all the fluids, to pee like a race horse. And where did that saying come from, I don't know.

One nurse told me that she hopes that we will not be here when she comes back to work in four days. I myself have become an unbeliever, and have given up hope that we will ever leave. And you know I feel much better for it.

We have our fifth room mate now. I mentioned the first two. I wasn't here much with the second two and so I can't tell you anything interesting about them. Now we have a fifteen year old boy who was riding motor cycles in the desert and tried to jump a rock. He just got out of surgery on his leg. The parents think he will go home tomorrow, so dang we will be open for a new neighbor. This is only the second out of the five that I have really liked. I will not go into the judgemental details of why the other one were not that great, but they kind of gave me the creeps.

Well everyone else in this room are sleeping. So if I was to be unusually wise, I would join them. At least I did some physical labor today to help make me tired enough to sleep.

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