Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Evening Update

I got home from the hospital tonight at 8:30. Jared had a good day. In fact tonight he is breathing on his own. He still has the respirator tube in and that will probably not come off until Saturday, but it is definitely a good thing. He had less problem with his blood pressure today, and so they are weaning him off the medicine for that. He was definitely more alert, although he is still heavily drugged.
When Diana came to visit, he was able to squeeze her hand when she asked him to. Sometimes he almost wakes up and is upset with all the stuff going on. We just reassure him, that he is OK and being taken care of, and then he settles back down.
Also today they removed the first drain that they had put in on Monday night. So he just has the second drain still in place.
I wanted to thank everyone for their comments. It is encouraging to come home from a long day at the hospital and read of every one's support. It is the next best thing to all of you being here. :)
I will try to post an update each morning and evening. Jared is still quite sick and will be in the PICU for several days, but things are looking better each day.
The nurse that is with him tonight has been off for the past few days. She told me that Monday morning when I was home, his blood pressure dropped so low that they actually brought the crash cart down to his room. They never needed to use it, but it was touch and go there for a while. When I got back to the hospital Monday afternoon, they told me that is had been a rough day, but I don't think I comprehended just how bad it was. I guess it was good to be spared such trauma, since the worst did not happen, but it scares me to hear about it now. Probably another example of how the Lord is protecting and blessing me.
We have really cool pictures from the laproscopic surgery on Sunday night. Something for future posts. So stay tuned for that.
Well I am exhausted. Even though I slept for 10 hours last night, I actually fell asleep sitting up in a very uncomfortable chair this afternoon. I managed to sleep for an hour and a half, but had a very sore neck when I woke up. So I will go and hit the hay. Good night.


Amie Earl said...

Yea Jared I know how exciting little steps can be. I was very happy when the Hunter and Jaylor were making little steps like eating and 1.5 oz of formula in nicu or when they started to eat after their surgeries. We are pulling for you in Nibley.

Lisa said...

Hang in there Pat and keep that good news coming! We're still thinking and praying for you every day.