Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Update

Sorry I have not had a chance to post today. I kept Diana with me and when we went to the hospital she used the computer. I did get a turn, and typed an update, but then the computer froze and I lost what I had written. I hate it when that happens. Here is the picture of the ambulance that Jared rode in last Sunday night.

So Jared had a pretty good night last night. About 3 am they had to give him some more sedation because he was getting upset about the tube going down his throat. So when I called at 6 am, they told me he was sleeping soundly and I went back to sleep.

Diana and I got up at eight and took care of a few things around here. Then we got gas and went to Wal Mart to get a few more things she needed for her trip to Seattle. We also got some balloons for Jared's room. I want it to feel cheery for him when he wakes up all the way.

Diana and I then headed to the hospital. Jared was asleep most of the time we were there. He woke up now and then, but he would go right to sleep. One time he did manage to cough up a huge mass of stuff out of his chest. They said that his chest X-ray was mildly improved from yesterday.

Our friend Cathy did an activity with Diana where she made two dolls. One is dressed and looks like Jared and the other one looks like Diana. That way the Diana doll can stay with Jared, and Diana can take the Jared doll to Seattle. I can see the cousins having fun with the Jared doll, maybe they will have to take pictures of the doll at all the fun activities. You can also see the card that Diana made for Jared taped to the wall.

The doctors are doing two new tests to Jared. One he had this afternoon where they put the scope down his chest tube and took a picture of his heart from the back. They want to be sure that the infection has not gone into his heart. I will not know the results of that test until tomorrow. It sounds kind of scary. I am trying to keep up the faith that it is not that. Please do not tell me that he will need heart surgery on top of everything else. I think I am so tired I am over reacting. No one has even breathed a word about heart surgery.

The other thing they are worried about is that the infection is still showing up in his blood. I think that after a week of antibiotics, they should not see it. I am not sure of that fact though. So to check for infection in other places in his body they will do another test. In this test they will take some blood out of his body and then inject it with dye. Then they put the blood back into his body and the white blood cells that are tagged with go to where the infection is. That way when they do the CT scan the infected areas will light up. Hopefully, it will only be his right hip that shows infection. So we should know some more things tomorrow. Also the doctor does hope to take the tube out tomorrow. So hopefully it will be a good day.

I am actually at home this evening. I feel really exhausted and need to catch a little break. Also I need to check everything that Diana has packed for herself to see if she has everything. Her activity day leader has taken her to dinner and a movie with her four year old grand daughter. Then I think Diana will spend the night with them. The activity day girls are going to see the Mormon Fort tomorrow morning, so she will be there already for that. Trent and I get to go to court again in the morning, this time for Trent. That appointment is at 9:00 am. Ouch, I better go to bed early tonight. Marion is gone helping a friend with a plumbing problem. So it is blissfully quiet here right now. I just want to get through tomorrow. Get some good results, have Jared's tube come out, and get Diana on the plane. Then if I want to I can stay at the hospital 24/7, there will be no reason to come home. Oh, unless I want some decent food and rest.

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Kris said...

Finally a post. I have checks 6 or 7 times today. I just check everytime I pass the computer. I will be praying that the test come out right. I am glad they are making sure the infection has not spread, but I am not suprised that nasty staff is not all gone in a week - even of power antibiotics. I think they are just making sure they are doing everything they can.