Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lastest Photo Shoot

This is a shot of Jared with out the tube taped to his mouth. Instead he just has the mask. This is as much to put some moisture into his mouth as to give him extra oxygen. This will help with his sore throat. I was there for several hours this morning, but he was asleep most of the time. Once he said he was cold and another time he asked for a movie. He still can't really talk, only barely whisper. I think that is because his throat is so dry. He can't have any water to drink until tomorrow.
I am home for the afternoon to help Diana get ready to go on the plane to Seattle tonight. She is almost packed and so we just have to wait until it is time to go. I can't believe how relieved I feel. Jared's vitals are looking very good and his latest blood gas that was done after he took the tube out, looked beautiful. The nurse's word not mine. :)_

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peacekeeper said...

hooray!!! glad to hear he is doing good enough to get the tube out. a small victory! wish diana luck for us...my girls are very jealous...they want to fly to seattle!