Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Morning Update

This morning I am taking a break from the hospital to get some things done around here. Little things like laundry and dishes.
The hospital did call at 10 to get verbal permission to do another CAT scan on his leg. They are still concerned about his fever and can't figure out where it is coming from. The CAT scan showed that there is more infection built in his leg that perhaps goes down his leg. They are going to do another surgery to get that all removed. Because they want to be sure that there are no pockets of infection they will not do it with a needle, but instead will open up his leg to be sure that they get all the infection out. This will probably happen this afternoon. So it is a little bit of a set back, but necessary for his road to recovery. The doctor said that Jared is resting and sleeping unless they go in and ask him questions.
Again thank you for all the prayers in our behalf. I can definitely feel them and the love from everyone.

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