Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Morning

Jared had a good night. His fever is lower from 99 to 101 so that is good. It has been up at 103 for the past two days. The only thing keeping that darn tube in his chest is his lungs. His chest x-ray looked the same as yesterday, which is not very good. A lot of his lungs have got junk in them. They are continuing to suction this. And I think they are confident that it will just take time for him to recover from that. Hopefully the tube can come out on Monday or Tuesday. That will be a huge milestone.
He asked to watch/listen to a movie lasts night, so they let him see Star Wars. He doesn't want his glasses and he can't really turn his head, but I think just listening to something is a good distraction. Also I think he just kind of comes in and out of consciousness, so it is good to watch movies that he already knows. The other choice the hospital has was Buzz Light year. No really Jared's thing. I naively brought a bunch of movies last Monday, thinking he could watch them. They have been here all week, so now we can take advantage of them. I've got all three Lord of the Rings, 3 Pirates Movies, Spider man, and Harry Potter. Actually a minute ago he said he wanted to see the first Pirate movie so I put that on for him. But he seems to be back asleep to me.
When I first got here the nurse was getting ready to give him a bath. He told me to "Get Out" so that is a good sign also. Anytime your 14 year old tells you to leave them alone, it is a sign things are normal, right?


Pamela said...

Oh, Pat! This breaks my heart to read!!! I was looking at Jennas book of pictures when she was little and came to her birthday party w/you and Jared there. I was thinking, I wonder how Pat and her family are? Lorna hasn't updated me on them in a long time! And then this came in this morning's email.
You will ALL definitely be in my prayers. I will come back to read and check up on you. I am so sorry you and your family are going through this...
My email is still and I have a page on facebook where I have pictures of my family.
I love you and miss you!!!

peacekeeper said...

glad to hear the continual progress. hope that he moves only in that direction. hope you are getting enough sleep and food to not end up in there with him. we are excited to get to see diana but will miss the rest of your family. hope diana gets over the fear of flying quickly :)