Thursday, July 31, 2008

A dream is a wish your heart makes.

Last night our dream came true, and we did not get a room mate. I think we slept a little bit better. My back hurts from the bar in my fold out couch.

The doctor came in and said that he has to talk to our two other doctors, but if everyone agrees, we may GO HOME TODAY!!!!! It is all happening so fast.

Diana arrived safely home yesterday, and my sisters did a remarkable job of finding all her stuff. I will take my mom to the airport this morning, but I think it will be OK, especially if we go home. Yes it will still be hard, but at least we can all be at at the same place.


Allison Barnes said...

Good news! I hope you can make it home today!!!! You need your bed!

Emily said...

Hurray, hurray, I will keep my fingers crossed for you guys!