Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Morning Report

The doctor just came in and said the the 24 hour blood culture showed nothing. They still need to culture it for a few more days to be sure. But initially it is good news. He also said that the MRI looks good. I am not convinced, because that happened last week. The regular doctor said it looked good in the morning, but then by the night time they said that the infection was in the bone. So we will wait and see what the orthopedic surgeon says about the MRI.

So we are left wondering why does he have a fever. At this point the only possibility is that it is viral. Gee go figure he may have picked something up in this revolving door of people and germs. He doesn't have any other complaints to make you think he is sick. The doctor said he would feel better, if Jared had a yucky nose or sore throat, or just generally didn't feel well.

The orthopedic surgeon may want to do some further tests. So for now we are just still in the holding pattern. The doctor did say that he would not send us home with a fever.

So for now we are cautiously optimistic.

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